Quarterly report pursuant to sections 13 or 15(d)

Development Stage Enterprises

Development Stage Enterprises
6 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2012
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The Company's financial statements are prepared on a going concern basis, which contemplates the realization of assets and the satisfaction of obligations in the normal course of business.  However, the Company has not generated any revenues to date and has accumulated losses to date.  The Company does not currently have any revenue generating operations.  These conditions, among others, raise substantial doubt about the ability of the Company to continue as a going concern.


In view of these matters, continuation as a going concern is dependent upon continued operations of the Company, which in turn is dependent upon the Company’s ability to, meets its financial requirements, raise additional capital, and the success of its future operations.  The financial statements do not include any adjustments to the amount and classification of assets and liabilities that may be necessary should the Company not continue as a going concern.


Management plans to fund operations of the Company through advances from existing shareholders, private placement of restricted securities or the issuance of stock in lieu of cash for payment of services until such a time as a business combination or other profitable investment may be achieved. There are no written agreements in place for such funding or issuance of securities and there can be no assurance that such will be available in the future.  Management believes that this plan provides an opportunity for the Company to continue as a going